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Business NLP Lunch Time Talk

You might be wondering if you can get a feel of how useful NLP techniques can be for your business. We would like to offer a lunch time talk for you and your colleagues.

Just get us a meeting room and we will send our trainer down for a lunch time talk for your group (1hr). During this session, the talk will explain the basics of some techniques and also include a live demonstration of how you can practically apply NLP to (choose from one topic below):

1. help increase sales, or
2. produce better results, or
3. improve verbal and non-verbal communication, or
4. stay motivated and focused on your goals, or
5. make engaging presentations, or
6. get into rapport with a group or individual quickly, or
7.  become a better mentor

The talk can be at 11am, 12pm or 1pm or any weekday as long as we can match our schedules.