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NLP Team Building

Research has shown that one of the most powerful ways to learn is through playing. We see this in developmental stages of all types of animals (including human beings), the young animals learn important survival lessons through play fighting, mock hunting and chasing one another through different terrains.

In human beings, when we are playing a game or enjoying some form of entertainment, especially when we are reading a story or watching a movie, what scientist found out is that we bypass our “critical faculty” – the part of our brain where we separate fact from fiction, distinguish between the logical and illogical, identify the possible from impossible, and we allow ourselves to indulge, for a moment, in the fantasy world. The interesting thing about this state of mind is that people become more suggestible when they are in this state. This is exactly the reason why companies will pay millions of dollars to have product endorsements in block buster movies, even if the product placement within the movie is only a couple of seconds long.

So why is the NLP Flash Team Building programme useful?

Imagine with me that there is a company that wants to introduce some changes to the team. One of the best ways to do is to subtly introduce the concept of change through an activity like this, where we bypass the critical faculty of the participants, and slip in the message of how important it is for companies to be adaptable and for the staff to be flexible in their behaviour can provide the reasons for change BEFORE the changes are formally announced and skills training are introduced. This way, the people involved will be more acceptable to the change and more willing to put in effort to make the necessary changes.

Another very good example of how this programme can be extremely valuable is when there are members of a team that cannot get along. Instead of putting them through counselling right a way, or abruptly sending them for anger management courses, if we are able to introduce the concept that negative emotions are a way for the unconscious mind to remind us to learn certain lessons and when the lessons have been learnt, there is no reason to hold on to those emotions, it gives their conscious mind a reason to let go of those negative emotions. We can also bring their attention to the adverse effects negative emotions could have on our physical health when we hold on to them for a prolonged period of time.

The NLP Flash Team Building Programme uses a game show format to put participants in a competitive environment where they have to learn simple and important NLP concepts that are empowering, which allows them to realise that they have all the resources they need to make the changes they want in their workplace and their lives. It also gives participants a chance to explain these concepts accurately to one another and therefore allowing these concepts to embed in their minds. What this also does is that it helps participants to unconsciously adopt these concepts as part of their belief systems and therefore empowers them to apply them in their lives.

Using pictures and symbols to represent these concepts, this highly interesting NLP Team Building programme allows participants to bond while having an interesting and hilarious time together and also internalise these NLP concepts unconsciously as they are consciously focusing on playing.

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