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7-day NLP Practitioner Certification

Level 1 Fast Track NLP & Teambuilding Certification (Duration: 7 days)

NLP Practitioner (Certified by ABNLP)
NLP Coach (Certified by ABNLP Coaching Division)
Time Line Therapy® Practitioner (Certified by TLTA)
Teambuilding Facilitator (Certified by ITBAS)

Graduates from our courses will be certified with 4 certificates recognised by the respective certification bodies.


Fast Track NLP Practitioner course outline:

1. Basics of NLP Practitioner:

  • a. History of NLP
  • b. How to apply NLP techniques
  • c. Presuppositions of NLP
  • d. Taking responsibility for results
  • e. Be fully aware of how to receive feedback (verbal and non verbal) during communication
  • f. Understand how the mind processes information, consciously and unconsciously
  • g. How to build rapport

2. Basic NLP Techniques:

  • a. Successful goal setting
  • b. How to build rapport at the conscious and unconscious level
  • c. The art of story telling
  • d. Asking the right questions to get the right answers
  • e. Taking charge of your emotions
  • f. Understanding what a person is thinking through observation
  • g. Understanding what internal processes people go through when making decisions
  • h. how to get from procrastination to motivation

3. NLP Techniques to introduce change

  • a. Getting rid of unwanted habits in minutes
  • b. How to change one’s point of view on a topic
  • c. Believe more strongly in our goals
  • d. Align our believes and values to our goals
  • e. Remove phobias
  • f. Choose between conflicting options with ease
  • g. Let go of unwanted negative emotions

4. Using NLP for greater success

  • a. Using Metaphors in training, coaching and other communication
  • b. Asking the right questions to uncover the real problem
  • c. Combining the techniques for positive results in clients
  • d. Applying NLP in negotiation
  • e. Using NLP in therapy
  • f. Applying NLP in Sales
  • g. Finding out the root cause in problems
  • h. How to model successful people for results
  • i. Set up a plan for your personal success and use NLP to make it more vivid, believable and achievable and place in in your future.


5. Team Building Skills

  •  a. Saftey
  • b. Understanding team dynamics
  • c. Understanding personality styles and culture
  • d. Learn 5 team building activities that are highly marketable
  • e. Learn how to prepare for activities
  • f. Tips on giving instructions
  • g. How to umpire an activity
  • h. Observation and giving feedback