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NLP Fast Track

NLP Fast Track Training + Teambuilding Facilitator Fast Track Training in 7 days.

Our fast track NLP programme is one of its kind in the world, combining certified training from 4 certification bodies – American Board of NLP [ABNLP], American Board of NLP Coaching Division [ABNLP Coaching], Time Line Therapy ® Association [TLTA] and International Team Building Association (Singapore) [ITBAS].

We are the ONLY institution in the world that can award graduates with these 4 certificates in one course and to do so within a span of 7 days.

This is a fast track course and pre-work is required. Upon confirming your seat in our training, we will send you a welcome letter, an audio CD and some materials for pre-study. This will make sure that you already have a foundation in NLP and Team Building before you attend our training, enabling us to proceed at the pace that this fast track course requires.

The Fast Track Training has 3 parts:

Part 1. Listen to the audio CDs before the training
Part 2. Physically attend the 7-day training with us
Part 3. Complete a written test and certification assessment during the 7-day training

Who should take Fast Track NLP Training?

  1. You are making a major decision in your life and find it difficult to choose between 2 or more options
  2. You are not sure why your life is not where you want it to be
  3. You feel that you do not have the resources or skills to become more successful
  4. You have a deep desire to help others but do not know how to actually do it
  5. You want to live your life to the fullest and want to feel motivated to work toward your goals everyday
  6. You want to take charge of your life right now
  7. You feel conflicted between your true desires and your beliefs and emotions
  8. You want to get rid of beliefs that limit your potential, emotions that are damaging to your health and unwanted behaviour
  9. You want to be more creative and resourceful when facing issues or dealing with people
  10. You want to work toward a future that you truly desire
  11.  You want to be able to help others learn techiniques to better communicate, think clearly and improve their self confidence and inner well-being.




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