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Testimonials – NLP Participants

Here are some students’ testimonials for Anergy NLP:

Dennis Hui

“I really enjoyed the class because Alvin has good rapport with the students… it is very personalized and the class was very well executed”


Coby Liu

“… there’s actually a lot of things that I think of the class…it really does give you a sense of clarity and direction… whether it is in life or career in general… a second thing is that it really enhances the quality of life because you find out more about yourself and you find out more about other people. Alvin is different because in a classroom environment when you learn about something it is from a teacher, but Alvin is not only a teacher, he is someone who is there to build relationships and he cares. To find out more, study it yourself.”


Yu Fujing

“I came into the course not knowing what to expect from the course… I think I have benefitted a lot, not just in terms of doing my business better or doing sales better… what the course really helped me is to become a better person… to manage myself better and use these techniques to help people better, so thank you Alvin for the course!”


Watch their video testimonial for our NLP Practitioner Course here: